"You will never influence the world by trying to be like it"


We believe in maintaining a focus that stays true to our values and does not dilute the impact we create. We operate within the four areas that we have expertise in and that’s critical to our own ethos of being self-aware of who we are as a business and remaining authentic to always delivering a service to our clients that’s both effective and offers value.

Your People

Your People

At CCR3 we look to achieve higher levels of Self Awareness in each and every individual we develop.

Self Awareness lies at the heart of individual performance and we adopt a very powerful and unique process to identify levels of this critical factor in your executives. The process looks at the gears of their emotional intelligence, their motivations and preferred behavioural style. Ultimately, how they think and make decisions about the world and themselves.

Secondly, studies into personal performance uncovered a single variable that connects self-awareness with higher levels of performance. This was about how true you are to yourself, and not wear too many masks in life, in other words, Honesty In Who You Are.

The more completely an executive knows their own strengths and the more true they are in applying them, the greater their performance will be!



Executive Coaching is adopted by every forward thinking organisation that recognises the true value of their executive community. Coaching is about taking an approach to helping other people become better, more proficient, and more confident in performing a task or interacting with people. The methods we use will allow your key staff to learn elements of coaching models and apply them in any situation. We nurture your executives and allow them to test their boundaries by truly understanding who they are and what talent they possess.

The entire process is designed to help the coachee take the path that leads them to the desired result of the coaching, whether that’s a new role, a promotion, manage a team or manage performance.

The desired outcome must always be the same;

‘Successful coaching leads to successful executives.’

It’s people that make an organisation great.

We help you evolve great people!

Career Mapping 360/OKR

Career Mapping 360/OKR

CCR3 create solutions that make any improvement measurable and relevant by achieving two critical factors;

Accountability & Commitment

We help you identify and define not only the reason for performance improvement, but the path which you will take to achieve it. To make meaningful change when you’re looking to improve requires accountability from the individual, the team and the senior management. We use our tools and methodologies to create the environment and the cultural aspects to allow this to happen.

Once you have this accountability, the commitment to drive the performance improvement forward, is attained.



At CCR3, we understand the need for any programme you undertake, to offer a set of deliverable’s that are among other things:

Visible        Tangible       Measurable       Useful 

Any solution we offer, must deliver true value and protection of your investment. It must show measurable ROI for the financial faith you place in the programme and equally important, the impact on your people must be tangible in a positive way that drives performance and efficiencies across your organisation.

Our approach is to use our diagnostic solution iPulse® to provide insight into the culture and OneSource® collates and manages the findings to produce a journey map with solutions and options that your business can commit to.This bespoke facility allows a sliding scale of interaction that suits your daily duties with the future goals and aspirations of the organisations.

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