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"It's not the fact that a person possesses Emotional Intelligence that makes them successful. It's their level of self-awareness, how truthful they are to themselves and knowing how to best apply it, that makes all the difference"

About CCR3

Helping people understand their Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) is exactly what we do.

CCR3 is a leader in people development and performance management solutions. We supply a blended offering of consultancy and software propositions to our clients to help them in removing the barriers that inhibit performance in their people and enable a performance management culture that directly improves organizational and personal success. At the heart of our offering, and the beginning of any performance development journey lies the CCR3 Discovery Process®. Using instruments developed through many years of experience, the Discovery Process® provides a unique, in-depth perspective of any person from four separate but intrinsically linked areas:

  • How Self Aware a person is of their Talent and how Authentic they are;
  • How a person Thinks and Makes Decisions;
  • Their Values and Motivators that engage them as a person; and
  • The Behavioural perspective to measure their Natural and Adaptive styles.

The Discovery Process®

The Discovery Process® then aligns this insight to enhance both individual and organizational performance improvement through tailored personal and professional development plans. Complementing the Discovery Process® is our fully integrated performance management software, CCR3 OneSource®, a cloud-based software solution that facilitates the integration of a number of key people development and management functions across the organization:

  • Talent Management
  • Talent Recognition
  • High Potential Program
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • 360° Programs
  • Competency Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Resource Planning

One Source®

OneSource® captures the output from the Discovery Process® and uses it as the platform from which development paths are created and effective performance management is established on an organization-wide basis. This approach is flexible, scalable and exceptionally cost-effective, directly improving the performance of the organization. When you compliment these with our People & Change offerings, iCoach® our cloud-based coaching and development solution and iPulse®, our performance diagnostic tool, your organization has a complete, integrated solution to Performance Management. Our rich portfolio of support, allows CCR3 clients to better differentiate what they, in turn, can offer to their own customers, through a well-developed, self-aware and more focused pool of talented staff.

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